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other people make comics like, “this one time [truamatic event]” and i’m like, “once i tried to pee in a pool but i couldn’t.” 

anyway i made this for a 2D cloud mini. the covers are here and also here

Just handed this to Susan literally 20 minutes ago, and she said something along the lines of, “She has a lot of pool anxiety.”


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n8atkinson said: So I know first hand how difficult it is to produce work in the face of OCD. That locked up, tangled mess of detail that is the OCD brain. Seeing your work reminds me that it can be done. So be nice to yourself. You're f#%&ing great!


Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad if my work helps in any way, to any degree, although I have to fight the awkward impulse talk like that triggers in me to say something self-deprecating or obnoxious. I don’t take compliments well, been working on that for a while now. 


I am nicer to myself, at least a lot nicer than I used to be. A lot of that is because of therapy, medication, reading up on the subject, and the support of my wife. It is an everyday struggle, along with my anxiety and depression, it feels like every decision is a debate or battle due to constant questioning of myself, what I’m doing, what I’m thinking. It’s exhausting to live that way because you feel stuck and blocked and sometimes crazy. Being more aware and mindful has allowed me to make a lot of headway. But while I still get work done, everything takes me three times longer to do than it should. I still have very little confidence in my work, I over-think everything, I over-stress, very often I don’t feel like I have control or authority over my own process. I am constantly taking a step forward and then a step back, repeating the stupid dance of indecision until I can’t take any more steps and somehow something gets done. Just writing this reply is work. Almost everything is work. But that’s a lot better than what it used to be, which was mostly panic and depression.

Without making this a longer reply, things get better if you work on making them better, and you have to be less hard on yourself, especially when you’re your harshest critic and worst enemy. You have to be better at recognizing when you’re being unreasonable and unfair towards yourself. You have to become your best friend, which sounds dopey, but I think is pretty much true. At least a good friend, an honest friend. It’s something I’m working on, something I wish I started working on decades ago, and I expect it will be a lifetime work in progress. I’m not great at it, but I’m trying. It’s never too late to start working on that, until it is too late, so you have to start working on it now, and never stop. It’s work, there’s no magic bullet, and it’s hard, and you slide a lot and there’s terrible patches, but you have to build on the good stuff and reject the mental horseshit as much as possible.

I’m going through a very bad time, work-wise, right now, I’m over-doing everything on Eltingville #2 and it’s very late and I’ve strangled my income and schedule. I’m stressed and I’m anxious. But I’m not hating myself or dragging myself through the mud like I would have in the past. I’m not making excuses but I’m also not making things worse by going mental and beating myself up over everything. I’m riding it out and doing my best and am going to try to not fall into this trap again. I have to learn to be nicer to myself on the page as well as in my life, I guess. Stop trying so hard and stop overcompensating. That’s the plan, anyway. Here’s to hoping.

Gotta get back to work, sorry for the long reply, I doubt you were looking for a long vent-session, but that’s what you got. Something else I need to work on (ha ha). 

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I’ve been keeping SaltyBet on in the background while I work lately. It’s really good nonsense. These are some of my favorite images, especially that last one, where it’s important to note that the big sienna blob is actually just an appendage (tongue?) of the statue thing on the far right.



more concepts

i love her so much

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aaronmfking said: I really appreciated your navigation of the Bob Schrek interview. You challenged and questioned the stuff you disagreed with a combination of respect, confidence, and firmness (mm, firmness) that really appealed to me.


Thanks so much.

That one was difficult because I do like Shreck but we have dramatically different views on things. My only worry was going in on Miller’s Holy Terror with only a surface understanding of Islam. Not that it’s hard to see that it’s a bad idea to make propaganda comics against whole races/religions. 

The Winick stuff was something I felt should address since I’d been pretty mean about the guy having a career in the past, and it ties into a whole lot of my issues with people getting work for reasons other than the work. 

I feel like these kinds of direct conversations in comics are maybe a lot better than just me talking shit on twitter. 

Anyway, the Shreck interview that me and Robin did is up here. (oh and Shreck’s husband Randy jumps in at times too. I like that Randy) 

Reblogging because it’s so awesome that comic pros take the time to talk to each other and also talk to fans. This is a long, deep, honest interview. Shreck has seen (and talks about) a huge amount of comics press, from Comico to Dark Horse to mainstream stuff, and Brandon and Robin do a great job of trying to follow his thought process and respect his decisions.

What We’re Reading: Carnivale | Hazel & Wren

My review of Nick Mullins’s wordless Carnivale. It’s a pretty great book.


God by Jack Kirby

I pulled one of these out of an issue of Dark Horse Presents to frame and hang on my wall.

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I literally just finished writing a review of Mr. Mullins’s Carnivale that’ll go up this week, and when I go to Tumblr to sseek deflation, I am blessed by this gem.

I literally just finished writing a review of Mr. Mullins’s Carnivale that’ll go up this week, and when I go to Tumblr to sseek deflation, I am blessed by this gem.

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