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My sense of community has grown (along with my art) the more loosely I defined ‘artistic’ community. The people I now surround myself are creative in a plethora of ways. I have friends who are writers, drawers, publishers, painters, bike-builders, event-planners, construction workers,…

Paging bikesbabesandbooze.


City Girl

This story was officially rejected today, so I had to make a temporary shelter for it to live under. It’s about a woman with magical urban renewal powers.

A lot of good stuff on this page from Sensation Comics #41.
(words by William Moulton Marston, pictures by HG Peter)

A lot of good stuff on this page from Sensation Comics #41.

(words by William Moulton Marston, pictures by HG Peter)


Rereading Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha. So much weird humor juxtaposed with so much violence and suffering. Sort of like life?


The Sandman #1 (DC Comics - 1974)
Writers: Jack Kirby (Plot) & Joe Simon (Script)Illustrators: Jack Kirby (Pencils) & Mike Royer (Inks)


The Sandman #1 (DC Comics - 1974)

Writers: Jack Kirby (Plot) & Joe Simon (Script)
Illustrators: Jack Kirby (Pencils) & Mike Royer (Inks)

Molasses - Google Docs

Happy Bloomsday! Here’s a Ulysses/Mario mash-up.

A koopa kidney oozed bloodgouts on the cleaver-patterned board: the last. He stood by the toadstool girl at the counter. Would she buy it too, calling the items from a slip in her hand? His eyes rested on her vigorous hips. Toadia his name is. Wonder what he does. Wife is greenish. Short. Strong pair of arms. Pulling turnips from redgrass. She does yank it, by god. The way her crooked skirt bulges at each yank.”

"Surveillance State of Mind" in NEAT Magazine

I have a short story in this issue. It’s about surveillance and the NSA and taping your sex on a webcam.

What We’re Reading: The Wild Kingdom | Hazel & Wren

I wrote this downer of a review of Kevin Huizenga’s The Wild Kingdom.



The Sounds of Copper Falls

St. Brendan is a temperate island that isn’t very different from other landmasses in its latitudes. There are a number of differences, though, due to its sustained isolation. Those wandering near the city of Copper Falls might hear some new and surprising noises. Compare the result of a die roll to chart below.

1 - Security Bells

Copper Falls uses an intricate system of bells involving multiple towers in and around the town. At any time, alerts may be tolling for a death, marriage, curfew, holiday, fire, or the hourly “all’s well.”

2 - The Cries of Distant Slothfolk

In the highest trees of the island live the sloth folk, protected by shells of woven branches and intricate traps. When the time comes for them to mate, the females cry out across the canopy, and the males, finding their way via the scent of the females’ fecal matter (deposited lovingly at the base of their home tree once a week).

3 - Sad Laughter

Did you hear that behind you? A regretful giggle, as though over a joke about your father’s death—yes, it’s funny, but he’ll never be able to laugh with you.

4 - Bleating

Due to the persistent fog on the west side of the island, the sheep of St. Brendan resort to verbal communication much more often than other sheep. Ewes can recognize the unique calls of their children from great distances.

5 - Shuffling Through Metal

Like stones after the plow, strange metal items occasionally surface across small areas of the island: scrap, pipes, worthless hardware, and tools whose uses are indiscernible. These rusty artifacts often crumble during winter, but cock your head just now. Someone off to the right is stumbling through the junk. A ragman looking for something usable? A jealous cuckold hiding a murder weapon? Or just another lost soul?

6 - The Rumbles of Spacecraft

It might be thunder. Some believe it’s an earthquake. Dr. Loverockets, premier historian, scientist, and master of etiquette & decorum, has christened them The Rumbles. He believes that, long ago, the beings that lived on the island left for a world beyond the stars. The Rumbles are maybe the echoes of their departure, ghosts of sounds powerful enough to lift man to the stars.

Here’s a weird secret writing project of mine that I will never mention again.

Combat Poets - A One-Page RPG

My friend made me enter a one-page RPG contest, so I naturally wrote a game about mad poet warlords who feeds poetasters to dogs. I’m pretty sure I captured the gritty realism of the life of a poet.